Forklift is a machine which has a mast, spreader

The forklift is a machine which has a mast, spreader, and attachments that are designed and constructed according to the type of activity for transporting, moving and storing goods in different shapes and in accordance with types of work and environments uses fossil fuels, gas, gasoline Or electricity.

Forklift capacity

The maximum safe load allowed moved by forklift placed on manufacturer’s factory on the machine plate.

Forklift Accessories

All equipment supplied by the forklift manufacturer will be added to the tower or forklift truck in accordance with the standards for handling specific loads.

Control equipment

Equipment such as gauges, controllers and speed indicators that control the status and performance of forklift trucks.
  • Canal digging, pit, and substructure
  • Carrying materials
  • Cutting by hydraulic implements
  • Destruction
  • Digging to build a building
  • Excavation
  • leveling ground
  • Mining
  • Dredging of rivers

Safety regulations on daily visit of forklifts

Before starting a forklift, we need to consider the following steps regarding the status of a forklift:
  • Control tires and tire pressure.
  • Make sure the bolts are tight.
  • Visit the radiator water and if there is a deficit, remove it.
  • Check engine oil.
  • Check the brake and handbrake and steering wheel.
  • Check whether the mast and hydraulic system are working properly.
  • In case of use of gas forklift, the health of gas cylinders and associated hoses must be ensured before start-up.
  • The height of the distance between the edges of the two shoulders should not exceed 6 mm.
  • The tentacles of the mast should not be tilted more than 10% in the heel area and should not be tilted.