Introducing Reachstacker | A few practical tips about reachstacker

Reach Stacker is one of the industry-specific machines for moving container

Reach Stacker is one of the industry-specific machines for moving container and is used mostly in container terminals and ports for container handling, loading and discharging. Compared to forklifts, the Reachstacker can easily reach higher heights in carrying containers. This transportation equipment has high efficiency and speed. The load capacity of the Reachstacker is different and is usually about 45 to 50 tons. The Reachstacker diesel fuel is equipped with 6 cylinders and can lift up to 5 meters. The Rich Stocks diesel engine has a high operating efficiency and reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. When working with Reachstacker, the operator of the device should have the skills to do that, just like a forklift truck. Container transport, whether empty or full, requires high precision; perhaps the smallest error and mistake in working with Reachstacker, causing an accident on the site, and eventually causing damage to the device and container.

A few tips about working with Reachstacker

  • Be sure to control the fuel before starting
  • Do not move more than the load capacity of the machine.
  • Reachstacker RJ service
  • When the Sprinter Reachstacker is completely open, the device should not move at all.
  • Before starting the loading operation by Reachstacker, the operator must ensure that the brakes are safe.
  • When working with Reachstacker, you should never stand on a rider.
  • For more safety when loading containers, a special route is usually considered for the transport of trucks, forklifts and Reachstacker.
  • The layout of the containers placed should be carried out in accordance with the storage standards; in that the containers carrying chemicals should be placed in a separate enclosure.Containers containing liquids should be arranged in the 1st floor
  • When carrying the container by Reachstacker, if the container had a high weight or high height, then the container should be moved by a metal frame.
  • Carriage by Reachstacker at the pier and port should be carried out slowly and far from any acceleration or rush; without doubt, the speed at which containers are transported will cause irreparable damage to all stages of the operation.

A few practical tips to extend Reachstacker life

  • Always fill it at engine capacity, and be refueled to be off.
  • Try to refuel when the fuel is not finished.
  • Check the oil engine oil level carefully when the machine is switched on.
  • Before starting work with Reachstacker carefully inspect all fittings, especially the connections for the container transport section.
  • In the end, always observe the safety precautions